Zagreb Summer at the Stross 2016

Zagreb Summer 2016 – Strossmayer promenade

Strossmayer promenade (simply called by the locals – Stross) is one of the most popular Zagreb places, not only in Summer days but throughout the whole year. This romantic promenade under the rich chestnut treetops is a perfect place for all Summer events known as “Strossmartre”. Various events are taking place from May till September every year since 2000. and all are performed in the open.

If you want to meet locals this is a great place to visit anytime, daytime is reserved to enjoy crafts from local artists and the night time is reserved for various performances and local wine tasting.

“Ljeto na Štrosu”, gallery and events

All events are totally free, so there is no excuse not to visit 🙂

Stross is only a 10 minutes walk from Apartment “History” in Vlaška 10! Check availability here